News: MOV’d!

Yeah, it’s true.

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News: New comic on the way

That’s right, folks: I’m working on a new comic to be published sometime today. Running between four to six panels, it features the definitive CVS/comic characters Ryan and Baldie.

That reminds me—for some reason—that I should bring back Jonny and Dan from the Huh? days. I really should.

UPDATE (11:39): The comic-volume is coming along rather nicely, as you can tell from this picture:

The comic-volume's progress as of 11:39

UPDATE (13:05): The comic-volume is in its final stages. Right now, I’m inking a few more things—Ryan’s hair and all the text. Once that’s done, the comic will be up.

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News: Hiatus ends

That’s right, folks. CVS/comic’s hiatus is officially over. Last night I decided to redraw my “classic” February 2002 comic-volume from memory. It’ll be up whenever it’s finished: I want to make it as good as possible.

It’s sure good to be back.

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News: Don’t bother on Friday.

CVS/comic will now be updated on Monday and Saturday. Eventually, I’ll start randomly releasing goodies during the week.

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News: Change in release days

As of today, CVS/comic will be updating on Mondays and Fridays. For some reason, Wednesday is just too hard for me to update on.

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News: Micro images

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News: Minor updates

  • Titles of posts that contain comic-volumes now begin with “Comic:”
  • Titles of posts that contain news now begin with “News:”
  • I have created an archive listing all the comic-volumes sans blurbs or images. Handy for finding comic-volumes. Updated Fridays.
  • I have also created a current comic-volume page. Handy if there’s a lot of other posts on the main page. Updated each time there’s a new comic-volume. Of course, you could also hit Cmd+F (Mac) or Ctrl+F (Windows) and type in “Comic:” to find comic-volumes.
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News: Flickr’d!

I have just finished moving any comic-volumes that were on IMGboot to Flickr. IMGboot was great in theory  but poor in execution. Not to say that I hate IMGboot—I’ll still be using it as a “dump” for random images and CVS/comic sketches—but when it wouldn’t accept a comic-volume, I knew I had to use Flickr.

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News: Oh no, Ho-Jo!

That’s right, kiddies. Closing Very Soon already has transcripts on the all-awesome ohnorobot. You can search the transcripts or browse the archives. You’ll also probably notice that there’s a link to CVS/comic’s ohnorobot page under “Stuff” on the right.

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