Comic: “I Hate PacSun”

CVS/comic for 06/27/2006
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All right, it’s not the old comic-volume I promised. Work was getting in the way of drawing a really long comic-volume. So sue me.

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Comic: “Ryan Tries His Hand at Propaganda”

CVS/comic for 03/20/2006

I made this for school, and I figured it’d be what I’d use to make up for not publishing anything on March 10. Be prepared to see more of bin Laden.

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Comic: “Everything’s Better with a Drinky Drinky”

CVS/comic for 03/03/2006

Raiding the horrible archives. This is taken from an AIM conversation I had with Joe in September 2004, and the “frat party” line was my response to what he told me:

Joe: did you see cheif BP durring hurricane charley?
Me: whom?
Joe: the indian guy who was the manager of a BP connect
Joe: all these news people kept interviewing him
Joe: “what kind of stuff are people buying?”
Joe: “mostly snacks and beer”
Me: WoW
Me: what we buy on road trips!
Me: and weekends!
Joe: yep
Joe: lol
Me: and for NFL games!
Joe: exactly
Joe: actually there was one news organization
Joe: that i saw where the reporters and anchors werent hating on each other
Joe: news 7, whoever that is lol
Me: AB funny
Joe: so, cheif BP, what are people doing for this hurricane?
Joe: drinking lots of beer, and eating lots of snacks
Joe: but this time they’re also drinking wine coolers and rum
Me: it’s a college frat party!

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Comic: “Determined to Win”

CVS/comic for 03/06/2006

Hooray for almost breaking the fourth wall! And what did the MoS want? We’ll probably never know. (I personally think he wanted 50¢ for the soda machine, but hey! I’m just the author.)

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Comic: “Standard-Issue Equipment Finally Gets Put to Use”

CVS/comic for 03/03/2006

Is that *GASP* scenery I see? I know it’s basic, but it’s still scenery! Also: Yes, the Stickdude is holding a clipboard. Note Ryan’s body in panel one. That’s exactly how I want to draw it. That is the epitome of the CVS/comic style.

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Comic: “The Art of Gin-Jitsu”

CVS/comic for 02/24/2006

No, I will not be doing a comic-volume on the computer ever again.

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Comic: “Coughity Cough® Starts Advertising”

CVS/comic for 02/22/2006

I apologize for the dirty paper, but I wasn’t planning on using this sketch as a comic-volume.

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Comic: “The New Thing in Advertising”

CVS/comic for 02/17/2006

The words are from three Five Iron Frenzy songs: “Abraham Lincoln Beard (First Movement),” “Abraham Lincoln Beard (Second Movement),” and “Abraham Lincoln Beard (Third Movement).”

Yes, I know Baldie’s glasses lense is too big in the fourth panel, so don’t tell me. I also know that one glasses lense is bigger than the other in the first panel, so don’t tell me that, either. The oversized lense in the fourth panel was unintended; the different-sizes lenses in the first panel was intended.

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Comic: “The Maniacal Genius of an Idiot Makes His Debut”

CVS/comic for 02/15/2006

Yes, this is the before-unseen MoS (Master of Stickdudes).

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Comic: “Piehole-Auditory Medicine”

CVS/comic for 02/10/2006

This is based on an old joke of mine. In fact, it’s based on the one funny comic from summer 2001—which I still won’t reveal, since I’m going to redraw it and use it one of these days.

– – – –

It was living hell for me to get this comic uploaded. First, IMGBoot wasn’t accepting the upload. That’s not really a problem, since I registered a CVS/comic account on Flickr. So I logged into CVS/comic’s Flickr account and went to the upload page. It was taking an eternity. I really wanted Becca to see it, though, so to make sure she did, I emailed it to her.

Turns out that I sent the email to my teacher by mistake. So I sent him an email telling him to ignore it and then forwarded the comic to Becca. I forwarded the “ignore” email to her instead. After she told me, I forwarded the comic to her and Flickr’d the comic by email.

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