Comic: “Hooray and Gold Coins!”

CVS/comic for July 25, 2006
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There it is, folks, in all its digital glory. The latest CVS/comic-volume. Enjoy.
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News: New comic on the way

That’s right, folks: I’m working on a new comic to be published sometime today. Running between four to six panels, it features the definitive CVS/comic characters Ryan and Baldie.

That reminds me—for some reason—that I should bring back Jonny and Dan from the Huh? days. I really should.

UPDATE (11:39): The comic-volume is coming along rather nicely, as you can tell from this picture:

The comic-volume's progress as of 11:39

UPDATE (13:05): The comic-volume is in its final stages. Right now, I’m inking a few more things—Ryan’s hair and all the text. Once that’s done, the comic will be up.

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