Comic: “Everything’s Better with a Drinky Drinky”

CVS/comic for 03/03/2006

Raiding the horrible archives. This is taken from an AIM conversation I had with Joe in September 2004, and the “frat party” line was my response to what he told me:

Joe: did you see cheif BP durring hurricane charley?
Me: whom?
Joe: the indian guy who was the manager of a BP connect
Joe: all these news people kept interviewing him
Joe: “what kind of stuff are people buying?”
Joe: “mostly snacks and beer”
Me: WoW
Me: what we buy on road trips!
Me: and weekends!
Joe: yep
Joe: lol
Me: and for NFL games!
Joe: exactly
Joe: actually there was one news organization
Joe: that i saw where the reporters and anchors werent hating on each other
Joe: news 7, whoever that is lol
Me: AB funny
Joe: so, cheif BP, what are people doing for this hurricane?
Joe: drinking lots of beer, and eating lots of snacks
Joe: but this time they’re also drinking wine coolers and rum
Me: it’s a college frat party!

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