Try Saturday.

Today was a wasted day for me. I got almost no schoolwork done. I installed the DSL modem today, and I knew I’d have to redo the router’s settings, so I pulled out the setup CD. (I didn’t want to mess with the settings manually, because I knew I’d screw something up.) Ok, so I follow the intructions and…I’m informed that the PC can’t connect to the router. Wonderful.

Long story short, I spent from 12:00 to 1:50 foolin’ around with the network, trying to get that piece of crap Linksys to work. Then I had to get ready for bass, since we were leaving at 2:30. After class I tried the final method the Bombay-based tech-support guy gave me. Magically, it didn’t work.

We called tech support again, and it seemed like the new tech guy was going to have me do the exact same crap I did earlier. There was one step extra, though, and that proved to be the deciding factor in the router’s working.

I’m dead-tired now, and I have double the amount of schoolwork to do tomorrow. So tomorrow’s comic-volume is delayed until Saturday, and I make no guarantees for a morning release.

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  1. very awesome google video (the microsoft package one), loved it!

  2. Thanks, but I didn’t make it. I linked to the original in the description.

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